WACWM Program with Patrick Skinner


The murder of George Floyd this summer sparked protests and conversations on the roles and responsibilities of the police in American communities, structural inequalities that contribute, and questions of how we address these issues. Using his experiences as an ex-CIA agent in counterterrorism, speaker Patrick Skinner reflects on the lessons he learned abroad and how he uses them now as a local police officer in Georgia. Can we reframe narratives of policing and change the ways that police serve their communities?

Patrick Skinner is a police officer in his hometown of Savannah, Ga. He is a former CIA operations officer and served in the United States Coast Guard. He spoke to our Council in 2016 to discuss the Rise of ISIS when employed at the Soufan Group, and we are eager to hear his perspectives in his new role. Active on social media, he has also written several pieces or been interviewed in national outlets.