India and The Quad Alliance with Richard M. Rossow, Center for Strategic and International Studies


While the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (or Quad Alliance) between Japan, Australia, India, and the U.S. has been in place since 2007, there’s been renewed interest in the partnership lately due to escalating tensions with China. How the Quad Alliance will function and what they will achieve remains unknown. But, by focusing on one partner, India, our speaker will highlight the limitations and potential of this arrangement and how it may influence world affairs in the region and domestically.

Richard Rossow is a senior adviser and holds the Wadhwani Chair in U.S.-India Policy Studies at CSIS. In this role he helps frame and shape policies to promote greater business and economic engagement between the two countries. He joined CSIS in 2014, having spent the last 16 years working in a variety of capacities to strengthen the partnership between the United States and India. Mr. Rossow received his B.A. from Grand Valley State University.